Bourgini products are for sale at Blokker, Marskramer and Bol.com.

In the case of production and manufacturing defects, we offer a two-year warranty on all our products.

It is best to go to the point of sale, as they take care of the warranty service for you. Do not forget to bring your proof of purchase!

Unfortunately, we can not help with every type of damage. The warranty expires if the product has been misused, is damaged by falling or bumping, has been disassembled, or due to normal wear and tear. Nor does the guarantee cover any damage due to failing to timely descale devices that are used with water.
If specific warranty conditions are stated for a specific product, these have priority over the general conditions.

You can order a new filter for your kettle free of charge, please fill in the order form for this.

You can order a new rubber ring for your blender free of charge, please fill in the order form for this.

When you have bought a Bourgini product at Kijkshop and it still falls within the warranty period of 24 months we can send you a needed spare part free of charge, provided we have it in stock. You need a proof of purchase for this.

The mixing bowl is allowed in the dishwasher, but the loose hooks / beaters cannot be put in the dishwasher. This is also described in the instructions. You can clean the parts well and use them again. This is not harmful. If you wish, we can also send you these parts separately. These cost 15 euros each. You can fill in the order form for this.

Descale only with a suitable descaling agent. Suitable descaling agents are available at supermarket and household shops. It is indicated on the packaging whether the product is suitable.

We discourage the use of vinegar and citric acid because they can affect certain metals and plastics used in modern appliances.

Some smells when using a new electrical device is not uncommon. It often concerns some additives that were used during production and these will evaporate during the first use.

Non-stick coatings are made of PTFE. PTFE is not known as a dangerous substance under normal conditions of use for baking and frying devices. This material is the basis of well-known brands such as Teflon coatings, Daikin, Whitford etc. Bourgini uses coatings of the brand Daikin. Previously in the production of PTFE, a dangerous substance was used: PFOA. However, this substance has not been used for years. In short, the non-stick coating of Bourgini products is completely harmless.

6 minutes of continuous use and 10 minutes of cooling are mentioned for safety reasons to prevent overheating.

Please note:

• This 6-minute rule only applies when you use the mixer continuously, so without stopping the mixer. However, most ingredients only need to be mixed for a few minutes.

• The 6-minute rule only applies when mixing a very thick and heavy dough. You can use the mixer for longer with all lighter substances.  

Yes, you can order an extra mixing bowl for your kitchen chef. Please fill in our spare parts order form for this.

Please see this manual for cleaning your health fryer.

To contact our customer service you can send an e-mail to info@bourgini.comWe strive to answer your question within 3 working days.

You can also reach us on working days from 8:30 till 17:00 by calling +31 76 564 2080.
Do you prefer using Social Media? No problem! For product related questions please contact our Facebook page.

If you want to return your product, it is best to contact the BOURGINI point of sale where you purchased the product. They will inform you about the possibilities. However, it is important that you bring proof of purchase.