Warranty is granted according to the consumer law applicable in your country. In The Netherlands and Belgium this is for 2 years. For warranty you can contact your retailer. Your purchase receipt serves as proof of warranty.


• Warranty applies to defects resulting from hidden defects that make the product unsuitable for normal use.

• Within the warranty period, defects will be corrected either by repair or by exchanging the product.

• The warranty is void if the product has been used incorrectly, is damaged by falling, is disassembled, by not following the instructions in the user manual and / or normal wear and tear.

• The warranty does not cover damage due to failure to timely descale devices that are used with water.

• The warranty does not apply to consequential damage.

• If specific warranty conditions are stated for a specific product, they have priority over the general conditions.

For more information about our warranty, specific questions about our product or other questions please visit our FAQ. 


For questions about the use of your Bourgini product, please contact: info@bourgini.com.


In some cases it is possible to order spare parts, like a blender ring or a bowl for your Kitchen Chef. Please fill in our spare parts order form, so we can review your request.